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transition: 0.5s; /* 0.5 second transition effect to slide in the sidepanel */. } Style the accordion: Example. /* Style the button that is used to open and close the collapsible content */. .collapsible {. background-color: #eee; color: #444; cursor: pointer; padding: 18px; width: 100%; I want the "About" link to expand into a panel when clicked, and retract when the user presses "hide" in the panel. I've attached a diagram below to clarify what it should look like. When the user presses About in (1), it becomes (2), and when the user presses hide in (2), it becomes (1) again.

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@Html.DisplayFor(modelItem => item.ID 2018-06-21 · To create a collapsible list group, use the panel-collapse property with list-group property. Example. The list-group property lists items using the list-group-item property − A tiny jQuery plugin that extends the Bootstrap's panel component to make it collapsible and closeable as a widget.. How to use it: 1.

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